Abby and brittany twins dating

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She’s frank when discussing her life outside acting, whether it be her bouts of insomnia or the mild debauchery of the previous evening, which was spent in the French Quarter and ended with her dancing at one of the city’s most notorious dive bars.

“You know you’ve had a good night,” she notes wryly, “when you wake up with the word MINE mysteriously stamped on your hand.” Her dating situation is also fair game.

Do I have to write a sign that says EQUAL-OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER?

” For now, the daunting nature of American Horror Story is keeping her occupied.

“She was always cursing: ‘I don’t even know who the fuck I’m looking at!

’ ” Eventually, Paulson began slyly pointing to either her real head or the prosthetic one to let Lange know where to look while delivering her lines.

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They have learned to sort of ‘shut down’ when the other is on a date or having sexual relations with their partner.

“It’s about the idea of feeling totally cast aside,” she says. She describes an encounter last year, while doing the play Conviction in Sag Harbor, when a fan approached her in the lobby of the theater and rolled up the sleeve of her shirt to reveal a tattoo inked in Paulson’s handwriting.

It read I'M TOUGH BUT I'M NO COOKIE, a line of hers from the show.

“My character in Coven wasn’t as much fun as playing Lana,” she continues, referring to Lana Winters, the gay journalist in American Horror Story: Asylum, a role that earned Paulson her first Emmy nomination for the show. I’ve never been one of those people who has a very healthy sense of themselves.

And whereas Coven was campier in tone than previous seasons, Paulson likes that Freak Show is a return to something darker. I suffer from the sense that everything good in my life is about to go away.” American Horror Story, though, seems destined to haunt her for the foreseeable future. “This is the first time I’ve ever been on anything with a large audience of young people who are absolutely obsessed,” Paulson says.

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