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Subramaniapuram not just marks the beginning is a birth of new streamline of extraordinary film. Sathya is reckless and gets into drinking and violent fights whereas Kiruba studies hard to become a Sub-Inspector. Fourteen years later, repenting his act he goes with his daughter in search of him.Tables are turned when Sathya becomes a Sub-Inspector. He finds him there but is shocked to learn that he has become an Aghori, a character who gives moksha and prevents the soul from getting rebirth. The story takes a turn here and introduces us to the world of physically and mentally challenged beggars.Another part of me asked me not be friendly and as I was still contemplating about the cookies, he took out fresh plums from his bag and offered us to eat. ( It’s Eid in Afghanistan today ) Second one: It took me 4 years to hike up to the Tiger’s nest, Bhutan.2013 : Made up my mind to visit this place someday!He entered the coach, after a few minutes he ask us “aap kahan se hain”? I traveled from Afghanistan to Serbia via Pakistan, Iran, Turkey and Bulgaria, by any how I have to cross Serbia – Hungary border. I tried cutting the border with my friends but got caught and right now they deport me back to Serbia. While he shared this story with us, I go through an array of emotions.

A simple film that centers on the lives of 5 educated youngsters in Madurai during 1980 in Madurai, their joys and sorrows.

Met this young Afghani guy in train on the way to Belgrade.

He boarded the train from Serbian border and looked tired and tattered. ” And then he narrates “There are two kinds of people, ‘agents’ and ‘passengers’.

It cannot be called violent; the word 'brutal' has to be repeated often to describe the movie.

Pooja Aarya was born with the love for being lost, especially in mountains.

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