Best man speech online dating

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So if you can’t hear me at the back, the silence from the people at the front should re‐assure you that you’re not missing out on anything.

There was one time when Mike was asked, ‘What is Emma’s favourite flower? ’ And, ‘What’s the last thing you’ll say to you wife before going to sleep?

“I caught up with Martin’s mum earlier and she told me that I wasn’t to mention any of the incidents with his ex-girlfriend [pause and put a third of the cue cards on the table], alcohol, [pause and put the second third of the cue cards on the table] or the police…[put the remaining cards down and start to gently whistle to yourself]…well that’s that then!

” Stuart’s had some dodgy girlfriends over the years.

[Wait for keys to come back in, after being given out strategically to men, aunts etc] You dark horse Tom!

Now I did ask for a microphone but was told one wasn’t available.

I read somewhere that a best man speech shouldn’t take any longer than it takes the groom to make love.

If anyone out there has any of these keys could we please have them back in now as Tom is married and completely out of bounds to any girl but Sarah.Unaccustomed to public speaking as I am, I have been fairly nervous before today’s speeches, however Gav was very good and took me aside to help calm me, he said if I did a really good job and went easy on him, I could be the best man at his next wedding.Now I have a few cards to read out from those who couldn’t make it today: Dear Mike, Thanks for the weekends lazing by the pool, I do hope you’ve made the right choice. Dear Emma, It was nice while it lasted, but I guess we’ll have to call it a day now you’re married.I’m not quite sure that saying “You’ll sit where you’re ruddy well put” was really in the spirit of the day, but we’ll let that pass. I have been Tim’s mate for 2 days now, he found my advert on a website as he hasn’t got many friends so had to hire someone for the day.I am actually a little nervous doing this, but I feel a bit comforted by the fact I have actually rehearsed this speech in front of a live audience at the local old peoples home, …

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