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It only took a three-minute walk for me to notice a difference in people's reactions.First, a group of construction workers stopped wheel-barrowing cement to say hello.If I was going to "go blonde," I would do so all the way; in the most believable way possible, without compromising my precious virgin strands.

My outfit -- a dress I deliberately chose for its muted color and relatively conservative fit so as to not distract from my wig -- was a number I'd frequently worn to the office.But it's not really resentment that I feel toward the testimony, it's intrigue: a person’s hair color can’t Well, science and research suggest it can.Even back in the Stone Age, blonde cavewomen were viewed as #winning in the health and vitality departments.So I decided to go blonde (for a day), take note of my surroundings and others' reactions, and discover the answer firsthand.I enlisted the help of celebrity hairstylist and salon owner Angelo David Pisacreta, New York City's top expert in couture wigs and hair extensions.

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