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Fat transfer breast augmentation might sound like the ideal boob job - redistributing fat from your belly, legs or bum to the one place that you really want it - your breasts, but is it all that simple?And what kind of result can you expect from a fat transfer breast augmentation?Charlotte Crosby underwent surgery on her breasts to boost her confidence – and it looks like it has worked.The former Geordie Shore star confirmed last year that she underwent a boob job to correct her symmastia, a condition which causes the tissue across both breasts to merge.And she showed off the results to full effect in a swimsuit that would be an absolute nightmare to avoid tan lines in.

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” and it got to the point where I was thinking, “Should I get it done?The treatment has come under fire for misleading patients in terms of the kinds of results they can expect, and there is some evidence that injecting fat into the breast can sometimes cause calicified lumps which can harden and some sources suggest this reinjected fat can also lead to cysts. In Canada the total cost of a fat transfer breast augmentation can vary between ,000 and ,000, but as always before commiting to a treatment make sure you're going with a surgeon you can trust.Source: via Monique on Pinterest When I first started practicing yoga, I was definitely ego-driven. The one thing it couldn’t change was the size of my boobs.As luck would have it, I discovered a growth in my breast and the doctor recommended that while I was in for surgery to have the growth removed, I should put some implants in.That recommendation, combined with an unshakeable memory of a past boyfriend telling me that I would stop traffic if I had my breasts done, convinced me to go for it.

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