Breaking dating violence cycle

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An all-too-common question asked about women who are battered is "Why do they stay?

" This question itself takes the focus off of the real question, which is "Why does he beat her?

Bringing an end to domestic violence is especially difficult because the men who batter us are also the men with whom we have been close or intimate, perhaps the fathers of our children.

We may still be bound by strong feelings of love and loyalty.

" Battered women do not remain in the relationship because we enjoy the battering. Battering often escalates at the point of separation, and we may actually feel safer staying.

Stalking can be a part of battering, especially if the woman has left the relationship.It is done by the men we marry or date who beat us; by our sons and nephews who bully us and slap us around; and by male relatives who verbally harass and degrade us.Battering takes many forms and includes a range of threatening and harmful behavior.As time passes, battering tends to increase in frequency and severity. I have been kicked in the abdomen, kicked off the bed, and hit while lying on the floor—while I was pregnant.I have been whipped, kicked and thrown, picked up and thrown down again.

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