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A common assumption is that it goes back to the days when the ancient Greeks called it the "Inhospitable Sea", because back then it was difficult to navigate and fierce tribes lived along its shores.

Other suggestions relate to the deep waters and winter fogs making the waters look dark, or the rich concentration of microalgae that give the sea a blackish color.

He writes letters to her ghost, asking her questions and apologising for not giving her 'a happy ending'.

The dates, the details, the music (sometimes too much music - do we really need 20 pages on the early life of her producer?

Situated in the far eastern corner of Europe, the Black Sea is bordered by six countries -- Turkey, Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia and the Ukraine -- and linked to the Mediterranean via the Bosphorus and Dardanelles Strait.

There are many theories about how the sea got its name.

They have been replaced with ports of call in Turkey, Romania, Georgia and Bulgaria, with some sailings are spending more time in Greece. citizens to defer all travel to eastern Ukraine and the Crimean Peninsula, which is being occupied by Russia.) are all present in Tragic Country Queen but, in the swamp of interviews with anyone who ever brushed past her in the street, Tammy herself is a vague, elusive presence, hiding under her huge, blonde hair. Who was this woman who sang: 'Stand by your man', but who couldn't stand by anyone, least of all herself?The woman who, even her adoring biographer admits, loved to spin 'tall tales' about her life?Even Judy didn't live her last years walking around attached to a drip, although, as a myth-maker herself, I'm fairly sure she would have liked to.Tammy was born Virginia Wynette Pugh on the Alabama/ Mississippi border in 1942.

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