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Therapy counselling may prevent some gay seniors from "returning to the closet."Available in Texas, USA. Watch Video The largest voluntary organization in Israel providing free or low-cost services and medical equipment for the elderly, sick, or disabled and their families.Collaborating geriatric social work programs and therapy so that professionals and organizations can improve elder care and quality of mental health and life for seniors and their families. Watch Video A coalition of organizations and individuals working together to fight elderly loneliness, elderly depression and to inspire older adults to keep connected and engaged. The aim is to keep the ill and the elderly in their homes and out of institutions as long as possible. Watch Video The American Federation for Aging Research supports and advances healthy aging through biomedical research.“You’ll be saving rather than , but you won’t have to wait in line,” she reminds seniors.The mail-in application is suggested for those who do not have a pending trip in the next 12 weeks, which is how long these applications are taking to process (and which will likely increase with more applications).To help senior beneficiaries decide what the best individual Medicare plan is that will provide healthcare coverage and save money. Watch Video A national program that offers one-on-one Medicare counseling and assistance to individuals and their families.

Watch Video The National Association of Nutrition and Aging Services Programs (NANASP) provides seniors with healthy meals through senior sites across the USA.How long would you wait in line for a pass that lasted a lifetime?Many frustrated bargain hunters waited for hours this week as a looming deadline for a senior pass for the national park system brought them to the only Twin Cities location that still had them available — the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge — which ran out Tuesday.The campaign website also offers helpful advice for seniors on how to fight elderly loneliness. Age UK's Chinwag Campaign asks citizens to arrange a get-together with friends, family or colleagues, and raise funds to help end loneliness later in life which may lead to elderly depression. A elderly drug abuse and other addictions program held anywhere from long-term care facilities, senior drop in centers and more with a full curriculum and graduation for older adults with addictions. Counselors provide mental health services for seniors dealing with drug and substance abuse, along with psychosocial challenges such as aging and disability, grief and loss, and depression. The federation also supports training of new scientists and physicians in geriatric research and geriatric medicine which will lead to a greater understanding of the aging process and improve the health of aging Americans. The Home Instead Center for Successful Aging provides senior services such as primary medical care, a Geriatric medicine and psychiatry clinic, a Geriatric assessment program, a wellness clinic for health screenings and senior nutrition services and research and clinical trial programs along with community education and an outreach center. Watch Video Helps seniors to receive any eligible government health insurance benefits and other benefits that they are entitled to receive such as heating and energy to prescription savings, income supplements, housing, in-home care, employment, tax relief and more. Watch Video Talk radio show that informs Veterans, Military personnel, and their dependants about eligible health benefits and discusses any recent developments concerning benefits, and referrals for assistance in filing benefit. Online tools to help seniors compare Medicare insurance plans.San Francisco, California, USA, Watch Video Communication and coping tools for seniors managing chronic disease and health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, asthma, cancer, heart disease and more. Provides seniors with free eye exams and eye care if they qualify so that they can prevent or treat eye diseases such as Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Cataracts, Diabetic Neuropathy and more. Promoting African American senior health by increasing awareness and education of proper elderly nutrition, fitness and physical activity, and early detection and screening of disease. To help simplify the complicated process of navigating health care plans and Medicare options.

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