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Activities and games can provide additional help in developing specific skills, and you can reinforce your child's social development and interaction by playing The Name Game and Follow the Leader.Researchers Sandra Sandy and Kathleen Cochran developed The Name Game to help young children learn the importance of getting someone's attention before speaking. Ask him to name another child in the circle, and roll the ball to that child." in a loud, empathic voice, and "I feel so sad" in a soft, low, dejected voice.For attention span If your child has trouble staying on point, pick a topic and say three sentences -- two related to the topic and one random.You can even role-play and practice greetings and manners.

Ask your kid to differentiate between the different sentences.

"Also, at the dinner table, have your kid keep track of how many times the topic changes during dinner," Diamond suggests.

There are plenty of good apps available that reinforce social skills.

These are all situations that can be discussed and brainstormed at the dinner table, or in the car on the way to school or activities.

Go over taking turns: Sit with your child for at least an hour a day and play with him to explain what it means to wait, take turns, and share.

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