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If engaging in certain behavior with a sexbot would make a person more inclined to be kind to other rational beings, then the person should engage in that behavior.

It is also worth considering that perhaps people should not engage in any behavior with sexbots—that having sex of any kind with a bot would be damaging to the person’s humanity.

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Kant goes beyond merely enjoining us to not be cruel to animals and encourages us to be kind to them.They do not feel or think—they are mere machines that might happen to be made to look like a human.As such, they lack all the qualities that might give them a moral status of their own.As such, ethical concerns involving these sexbots would not involve concerns about wrongs done to such objects—presumably they cannot be wronged.One potentially interesting way to approach the matter of sexbots is to make use of Kant’s discussion of ethics and animals. For Kant, this distinction rests on the fact that rational beings can (as he sees it) chose to follow the moral law. Since animals are means and not ends, Kant claims that we have no direct duties to animals.

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