How do you handle intimadating drivers

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Do the shipping papers match what's inside the truck?

Does what he says he's carrying match what's in the truck or what's on the bill of lading/shipping papers?

Other than the big indicator of not having a CDL, the huge indicator was the fact that the driver did not look, dress, or act like a trucker.

Just as you do when you're out stopping cars for drug interdiction, ask yourself, does the story match the person?

When a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) gets over a certain weight, any passengers in the vehicle are required to have a written letter of permission from the company to be in that vehicle.

If there is no permission letter the second person may be there for other reasons, like to protect the shipment of drugs or cash that's being hauled.

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Look for missing hours at a time and unusual layovers in source cities for narcotics like Los Angeles, New York City, or Phoenix.The shipping papers should have the location of where the load was picked up, where it is being dropped off, and what the shipment contains.If not, these are indicators that there is possible criminal activity afoot.Whether it's a compact car on the road, or a semi-tractor trailer, they all need the same basic paperwork: license, registration, and proof of insurance.Of course the operators of these big rigs are required by law to carry additional paperwork with them, but start off with the basics: license, registration, and proof of insurance.

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