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Did you read and understand that you must submit OFFICIAL documentation to the Department of Personnel & Civil Service Commission to verify any of your post secondary education/training prior to being hired by the City of Pittsburgh?Transcripts must be submitted at the time of any/each job interview you have.

Do you have at least two years of full-time, paid experience in monitoring discrimination; social justice, or other related issues, public policy, legislative issues, administering programs with significant responsibility for planning activities, coordinating resources, monitoring programs and/or contracts, or other related experience?You must pass the written and/or performance examination(s) in order to have your name placed on the official Civil Service eligibility list for this position.Candidates who receive job offers must pass a medical examination (when applicable) prior to start date.Click here to view the full job description including knowledge, skills, and abilities and working conditions for this position.Locate and click on the position title to view the complete job description.

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