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I was more of a coin collector growing up and just want to know the approximate value of any of these stamps. Brodnica / (deutsch) Strasburg in Kniglich-Preuen 20. Gdańsk / (deutsch) Danzig, 1831 If you are interested in any I will be happy to send photos as well as the rest of the list along with the needed information.

Thank you, Bob Medof E-Mail Good Evening, My name is Kimberley Harbour and i am on the quest of helping my Opa, find the value of a certain section from his collection of stamps. Best regards Julek Szostakowski E-Mail Hi, I'm Hossein from Iran.

My warmest regards, Pavel Pavel Adronov RUSSMARKET. One stamp I have a question about is an 1851-56 Ben Franklin stamp. However, I know there are different types of this stamp and it is one of the more controversial stamps.

I am curious as to whom I can take this, to find out it's type and current price.

Readers who can answer a published question should send the answer to the email address of the person who asked. You can also add questions online at our new online forum E-Mail If these stamps are authentic then they have a high value!

Greetings, Im interested on selling my stamp collections.

I own two collestction with mostly italian stamps and Im interested on selling them all.

Stamps are: GB SG#141 75 Euros GB SG#402 80 Euros GB SG#7 110 Euros GB SG#175 140 Euros Switzerland Mi#7-I 260 Euros Switzerland Mi#7 245 Euros GB SG 139 320 Euros GB SG#134 360 Euros GB SG#182 480 Euros GB SG#121 690 Euros Third Reich 1933 block 890 Euros Mauritius Scott 5 1020 Euros Large WURTTEMBERG collection 1851 - 1923, KA-BE album The collection is completed on 93 Price is 1520 Euros The completed MNH collection of 3rd Reich stamps 1933-1945, 1950 Euros Rare collection Litauen (Lithuania occupation) 100 stamps 2790 Euros All prices includes the international courier delivery. 17 - 215 Moscow, 123242 Russia 7 4 E-Mail Hello, I have recently obtained my father's stamp collection.From Austria some 32 letters written from the inside and carta business card dating from 1895-1906 years condicion great and I have two sets starih postcard is the first Bonn RC Raina edg.v.konig 1915-1925. This collection belonged to my late grandfather, who has been a antique merchant and left me with a huge amount of old books, postcards, letters etc. Having that in mind, I have decided to interest other people with these letters, for whom they may have some other value, rather than just a sentimental one. Stężyca/(deutsch) Stendsitz, 1792 (Latin Polish) / 2 pcs. Gdańsk / (deutsch) Danzig Bydgoszcz / (deutsch) Bromberg, 1842 3. He handed this one to me and I was kind of excited because it had the stamp on it.Cassel, 12 Nr.1 postcard Nr.12 and Cologne to Croatia. If you could let me know if it might be worth anything I would really appreciate it.Most of those groups that were owned by one collector, I have bought some time ago, Now I'm looking for from me in the marketing of some of those groups if you have the ability to help me send me a tendency Bcrotk and how to communicate and will send you examples of those groups. Please let me know if you still are looking to buy and what is you buying prices based on Michel.I live in USA ,member of American Philatelic Society since 1999 , collect stamps since 1975.

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