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Born in the UK but relocated to New Jersey during his formative years, cartoonist Mike Dawson has also bounced around subject matter.

Am I worried about my daughter’s well-being, or is this something between me and these theoretical young men, where we jockey for influence in a young woman’s decisions?

When I write about parenting with the hopes of depicting my perspectives truthfully, anxiety necessarily seeps through. It feels like expressing or not expressing anger is something you struggle with, and, again, I find that true of myself as a parent.

I was pretty even-keeled before I had children, and now I feel like I lose it at least once a day yelling about shoes.

It also seems like we’ve become an angrier country in the past decade. Dawson: Haha, yes, I yell about shoes too, every morning as I’m trying to push the kids out to school, as well as brushing hair and teeth and eating some breakfast.

Many of the comics depict scenes of me screaming at the kids simply because that was something that happened that day.

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