Outlook 2016 tasks not updating

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Since then, Groups have received a steady flow of enhancements ranging from the essential-for-adoption (Outlook 2016 support), interesting-and-useful (apps for i OS, Android, and Windows Mobile and connectors to harvest information from cloud data sources), to the not-so-good (the flawed integration with Power BI).

The pace of development for Office 365 Groups is impressive and illustrates where Microsoft’s current focus for team collaborative working is, all of which has thrown some doubt over Yammer, the “other” collaboration platform available to Office 365 tenants.

The feeling that Office 365 Groups are top priority for Microsoft is deepened by the recent worldwide availability to Office 365 enterprise tenants of Planner, a lightweight task-oriented planning application that is tightly linked to Office 365 Groups.

Whether you need to loop a teammate into a project at work or share your vacation plans with a loved one, you can use our Outlook add-in to share a list via email.There's lots to like about Office 365 Planner, but some flaws make it less appealing than it might otherwise be.But Microsoft has time to fix some of the shortcomings before Office 365 Planner attains general availability status and, like all cloud software, it's likely to be updated many times over the years ahead.To use the add-in with your desktop app, you’ll need to first install it from the Office store.Soon, users of the new will be able to access Wunderlist for Outlook via the add-in commands on top of your screen. Sit tight, the add-in commands will be coming to North America first and then to other parts of the world.

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