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So whether you're an artist, a lateral thinker, or just appreciate museums, indie film and the occasional non-corporate mindset, this is the event for you.You'll have around twenty dates (the exact number will depend on how many people are at the event).“I ignored a lot of the warning signs that my ex had Narcissistic Personality Disorder because I wanted it too much”, states Mary Reilly, The Date Meister®.So why host Cougars and Cubs events instead of just singles parties for people over 40?

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Mary tells women over 40 to just lighten up and go out and have fun; no one has to fling—you can just flirt.Many of the women that I spoke to are now in their 60s and 70s and told me that their best relationships and marriages were with men who were ten to twenty years younger”.These women did not “pay to play” but enjoyed partnerships that blossomed, in large part, because neither party was looking for outcomes (e.g., marriage or children).The Date Meister® (Mary Reilly) has dabbled in singles events planning for twenty years when she first joined in 1996 and reached out to the company and asked if she could host small gatherings in NYC bars for their pioneering members (many of whom were too afraid to even post photos in their online profiles). Reilly still has the black sweatshirt with the heart logo on it that the company sent her.Little did anyone know then that would become the most popular online dating site in the U. with both the largest paid user base and an outstanding success rate.

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