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Since 1949 The Cadet Kit Shop has been the official store for the Army Cadet Force.The Cadet Kit Shop now serves all Cadet Forces as well as regulars and territorial army.Booking is now open for our visit on Friday 1st Dec to Winchester.We will start with a short tour of the Cathedral and then the remainder of the day you will be free to visit the Christmas Market or explore Winchester.

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You’ll see Rimmel cosmetics from the 1890s, First World War Oxo Cubes, Mars Bars, Rolos and Kit Kats from the 1930s, a 1970s Chopper Bike and around 12,000 other items that will open your eyes to the way we lived and shopped.

Ammo was successful in the bid and obtained the total acquisition including its intellectual property in January 2007.

The future of The Official Cadet Kit Shop was secure and we relish the growth and expansion online.

Their marketing arm was producing ‘Birmingham Metal Bashing’ such as regimental badges, buttons, furniture for cross belts, waist belts and the like and were already major suppliers to the Official Cadet Kit Shop as it became known.

Ammo & Company Ltd are also contractors to the Ministry of Defence and deal directly with all branches of the Armed Forces in the UK as well as extensively overseas.

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